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Agravic and technically brillant. (...) It was the evening of the Polska Orkiestra Sinfonia Iuventus and the russian conductor Oleg Zverev.
HNA (Hessisch Niedersächsische Allgemeine; Kassel), Georg Pepl, 14.08.2012

The Szczecin Philharmonic Orchestra began its traditional Friday concert with Jean Sibelius' "Finlandia" and performed it with bravura... The Szczecin musicians were conducted by the Russian conductor Oleg Zverev. They played the composition with exceptional emotional identification... Prolonged applause... The orchestra never sounded so grandiose.
GAZETA.PL.SZCZECIN, Ewa Podgajna, 5.12.2011

Thrilling "Pathétique“. Extraordinary emotions were revealed to the audience during the concert of the Filharmonia Sudecka. The symphony in b Minor “Pathétique” by Peter Tchaikovsky under the baton of Oleg Zverev evoked veritable enthusiasm. Rapturous applause didn’t want to end… A virtuosic performance and excellent direction of the orchestra. A real feast for the soul.
WALBRZYSZEK/Poland, szela, 07.02.2010

Energy from Irkutsk brings the roof down - The orchestra expanded into new dimensions of strength, velocity and demands on the composition... If he [Zverev] is capable of arousing such a whirlwind of notes away from his home - what kind of storm may break loose at home on the Baikal with the 100 odd musicans from his own committed orchestra when they play the 4th Symphony by Peter Tchaikovsky? It was this work that concluded the concert in Reichenbach receiving roaring applause.
FREIE PRESSE, Volker Müller, 19.12.2008

Oleg Zverev, the chief conductor of the Russian State Philharmony Irkutsk in his role as guest conductor in conjunction with the orchestra in top form caused the audiences` emotions to surge.
OSTTHÜRINGER ZEITUNG, Dr. sc. Eberhard Kneipel, 15.12.2008

The concert of the Irkutsk Philharmonic had been sold out for months. The audience had come to experience a top class orchestra. The Russians – conducted by Oleg Zverev – faced the “Farewell-Symphony” with a deep sense for sonority, unbounded pleasure in passion, and emotionally charged delight in intensity and release. In the end the orchestra’s excellent feat was applauded for several minutes with standing ovations, bravos and rhythmical claps.
SCHWEINFURTER TAGBLATT, Thomas Starost, 28.04.2008

Exuberant emotions – As often the Pathetique may be played: here it reached a different dimension. A fascinating interplay of smooth wind instruments and the string section in this leading Russian orchestra. A marvellous evening was bestowed upon the audience.
RHEINISCHE POST, (mki), 26.04.2008

Bravoura performance of the orchestra under the dominant conductance of Oleg Zverev.
WOLFSBURGER ZEITUNG, Angelika Kannenberg, 25.04.2008

Full of spirits, sparkling and expressive...Oleg Zverev conducts impulsively, stimulatingly.
SCHAFFHAUSER NACHRICHTEN, Rita Wolfensberger, 25.04.2005

Oleg Zverev unleashed an inferno, confidently seizing the increasing musical excitement and letting the listeners bathe in the musical contrast between laughter and tears, despair and high spirited raving. The final applause started hesitatingly as the audience was so overwhelmed by the music, but then it developed into an increasingly enthusiastic sympathy.
WOLFSBURGER NACHRICHTEN, Angelika Kannenberg, 04.04.2003

Furthermore the conductor Oleg Zverev proves to be a detail fanatic who does not neglect minor voices and who obviously highly values transparency and structural clearness. Additionally he can be attributed a keen sense of proportion and tonal balance.
FRÄNKISCHE LANDESZEITUNG, Hans von Draminski, 01.04.2003

In his interpretation, Oleg Zverev, the Russian guest conductor of the Schleswig-Holstein Symphony Orchestra, understood how to focus on these subjective moments of expressiveness and made all of its diversity ring out. With his sensitive interpretation he delivered magical moments to both orchestra and audience. Without exception the musicians rose above themselves under the enormous demands of composition and conductor…
KIELER NACHRICHTEN, (cmü), 14.10.1999

From the almost inaudible entry of the celli and contrabasses Zverev developed an enormous climb to the triplicate tutti forte. A brilliant performance…”
FLENSBURGER TAGEBLATT, Christoph Kalies, 14.10.1999

This way the guest conductor [Zverev] was able to introduce the orchestra attentively, quite relaxed and easily to this Russian world and to create a consistent, imposing painting whose structures bore convincing life in careful detail.
PFORZHEIMER KURIER, (ne), 16.02.1999

Oleg Zverev behind the conductor`s desk offered the change of musical aggregate states with never decreasing intensity and found a convincing balance between strict analysis and tonal opulence as well as between high-calibre solos performed by the orchestra and massive orchestral emotiveness.
PFORZHEIMER ZEITUNG, Thomas Weiss, 27.05.1997